17 of the Worst Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and How People Deal With Them

Fibromyalgia manifests itself in different ways for different patients, but most can agree that all the symptoms are life-altering. It’s not always clear how (or if) they can be treated, and the physical challenges can all too easily turn into emotional challenges as the things you used to do become more and more difficult.

We asked our Mighty community with fibromyalgia which symptoms they consider the worst and how they cope with them. If you’re experiencing these difficult symptoms as well, check out the strategies they use, and don’t forget that you aren’t alone in dealing with the hardships of fibromyalgia.

Here’s what the community told us:

1. “Never-ending fatigue. I’m still trying to figure out what helps, but so far, certain homeopathic medicines are working. My online support group helps tremendously! And there’s always Netflix. Cuddles from my cats help, too!”

2. “When I feel like I’m walking through quicksand. The only thing that helps is to take a break for a day and rest.”

3. “To me, the worst part of fibro isn’t the pain/stiffness or the constant fatigue, it’s my non-existent social life and constantly feeling alone/misunderstood. Even on the awful days, I always find some way to cope or I just lay in bed and whine to my pets. But it’s hard to find a way to ‘cope’ with the loneliness and the depression that follows it.”

4. “The worst is the joint stiffness and joint pain I get, the nausea, and being tired all day and then not being able to sleep at night. I’m a huge fan of the heating pad, and keeping hydrated, and taking my days one day at a time.”

5. “The whole body stiffness as if you’ve worked every bone in your body the day before. No way to deal with the pain, but working out does help…. lessens some of the stiffness. I really notice it more when I don’t do cardio. I tell my family I work out to lose weight, which is true, but it’s more so to help with the stiffness.”

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6. “When something always hurts, it’s hard to focus. When you never get good sleep, getting through a work day without a nap is incredibly difficult. I use essential oils to help with both. I make sure I get the best sleep that I can and rest when I can.”

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7. “Pain in every part of my body! Some days it even hurts to breath. I pamper myself on those days and do only what is necessary. I save a book I know I will get lost in reading, have a few naps, and try to relax my tight muscles to minimize the pain. I cuddle and pet my dogs a lot, too. I live by myself in the Minnesota up-north woods far away from the noise and stress of living in a city. The quiet and solitude help keep me relaxed.”

8. “For me it’s the cognitive issues. I can hide the pain, but when I can’t form words or get lost in familiar places and see the look of pity on faces of others, I want to cry. I used to be confident and outgoing. Now I just want to hide away.”

9. “Worst symptoms for me are the random hand twitches. I deal with them by making jokes.”

10. “Not having an internal thermostat. I’m rarely just a comfortable temp. Always hot or freezing! I try to dress with layers and know where fans and fresh air are when possible!”

11. “Waking up achy like I hiked 20 miles, feeling like I didn’t sleep at all, and feeling like my head is stuck in the fog. It feels like I’m jet-lagged all the time, walking through quicksand with the body aches of the flu… I try to have a positive attitude about the good parts of my life and manage the best I can.”

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12. “The inconsistency. One day you may be feeling relatively good and the next day you are unable to get out of bed. Fibro doesn’t care if you have things to do that day; if it is a bad pain day, it is a bad pain day.”

13. “The worst symptom would have to be my loss of self. I worked hard for the life I had. I was happy. But now I feel like such a burden. No matter how positive I am or how much I smile, I struggle with the constant removal of independence. I’m not sure how to love or even like what I’ve become. I do have amazing support from my partner, and I appreciate it it more than he will ever know. Time together will make a difference. So will finding new happy moments and places.”

14. “The worst symptom is a specific kind of pain; it feels as though I’m being stabbed, in random order, with a red-hot electrified knife all over my body. There’s no relief. All I can do is rub my feet/hands/legs/arms, curl up in a ball and wait for it to pass.”

15. “I have good days and bad days, but on the bad days it feels like every joint in my body is screaming. On those days I take a nice long epson salt bath with bubbles and calm music; it always helps.”

16. “Fibromyalgia flare-ups are the worst. The pain is unbearable and it is felt in every joint, every muscle, every nerve. The fatigue is overwhelming, and sleep is often kept to a minimum since the pain is so severe. Flare-ups happen because of stress, weather, overexertion, and unfortunately, sometimes there’s no reason at all.”

17. “Feeling alone. I have found a great online community, and I cherish the couple understanding friends I have.”

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9 thoughts on “17 of the Worst Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and How People Deal With Them”

  1. I am 78 yrs old, and have suffered with fibromyalgia for about 35 years. Sometimes I can forget about it, but walking is a nightmare – I hurt so much and although I will plan a trip to town, by the time I get there and have found 1 shop, every time I have to come home and sit down. Am so frustrated by this nightmare situation – my son lives in Lanzarote and begs me to go over. It was ok when my husband was around – unfortunately he died last year. He was my carer, so now I’m very much on my own. Today is a feeling sorry for myself day, so I apologise for the whiny tone of this writing!

      1. I feel alone because no one understands and feel like I’m constantly having to justify the way I am. I can only tell you how I feel right now because I don’t remember what I felt an hour ago as I’m so medicated or its from the fog. I’m constantly told I don’t have Fibromyalgia and it’s all in my head by everyone I speak to from immediate family or anyone outside. The best one I keep getting told someone has MS and they’re living there life why can’t I. I can cure you I’ll take you out and show you how to have fun. I want to scream at these people and say I wish you would get this and then speak to me but I just smile and say yes sure. I haven’t had one person from doctors to people in my life who understand and make me as if I’m just making it all up. I have come out of doctors offices crying and wishing I was dead. Keep getting told by doctors and pain management clinic there’s nothing more they can do. The best one is what can we do for you? How the hell do I know. If I had the answer to that question would I be asking you for help. How I wish I was diagnosed with MS or even cancer then I wouldn’t be made to feel like this. So alone and wishing I wasn’t on this earth.

  2. I often rock forwards and backwards as no pain killers ever work, I also lightly tap myself where it hurts, about 50% of the time it helps, heat pads are from heaven.

  3. I was very happy to read this article. I often try to explain how fibromyalgia affects me to my family and friends, but I can’t seem to find the right words. They believe that if I eat right, exercise and get sleep (yeah, right), that all of my issues will get better and go away. But. that is so far from the truth. I am in a constant struggle to maintain my mind and to fight the pain so that I can just get through another day. I do find that on my “good” days, I feel as if I can do just about anything, but I pay for over the next few days or even a week. Nevertheless, I still continue to push forward to find my own path of healing and happiness. I will not allow fibro to take my life away.

    1. Faye Chandler – a lot of what you said hit home for me. The part of trying to do something on the “good” days…you do pay on the days following. I get mad and try to do more all at one time and suffer later. I seem to fall a lot, don’t know if it’s related (balance issues), or not, but they don’t help at all. My grandchildren help me as I so enjoy my time with them when I can see them. They are Gods gift for me. Just love them to pieces. Make me smile all the time, it’s just so hard to walk some days. I recently had issues watching my grandson alone as I have trouble going up their stairs to the 2nd floor carrying him whether up or down. He’s over 20 lbs. now, and with my fall history I worry. I usually make my hubby go with me. Just as backup. It’s very hard when my daughter doesn’t fully understand or doesn’t want to believe what this horrible thing does. And my sister believes if you just lose weight you’ll feel better. I had the gastric sleeve 2 yrs ago and lost 90 lbs, it doesn’t help. I’m sure I get around easier not carrying the weight-but the pain is still here. Sorry for the down comments. Thank you for sharing. This helps.

  4. Not having understanding is the worst thing for me. Loved ones think I over reacted when they reach for me or hug me, not realising the pain I feel. Being the brunt of the joke because I say something stupid, when it’s because I can’t find the right words or am too tired to keep up with the conversation. Feeling like I need to keep up and do the work and provide for my family, when there are days I just want to take my medication and go back to bed without explaining why.

  5. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years plus 6 years before the diagnosis. It has been progressively getting worse. Some days I can’t wear anything but very loose silky pajamas or sweats. I found that the warmer I stay the better I can feel. An electric blanket helps. My family tries to be supportive but they don’t really understand, so I find myself saying “I am fine” to avoid having to explain. I have recently started using medical marijuana. It is the only thing that has helped. It doesn’t take away the pain completely, but it makes it much more manageable for a few hours.

  6. I have the best of all combinations, stenoses, one has been widened by a operation but there are more. So I have a killing backace in combination with polyneuropathy and fibromyalgia.
    My age is 77 and suffering for the last 5 years, I had morphine, did not help. Now I am on Oxycodon, Gabapentine and Duloxetine. Does it help???? Sometimes I think it does, but what is this cocktail doing for my body.
    I am so tired that I an sleep all day, but after sleeping I am as stiff as a stick, then forcing myself to do excercises, just to get out of bed.
    I have everything one can wish for, but am I happy, NO!

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